Frequently Asked Questions

What is rugby, and is it the right sport for my kid?

Rugby is a sport played with one ball and two teams. The objective is to score the ball in the try zone through teamwork. Rugby is a position sport that has a place for all shapes, sizes, and athletic abilities.

Isn't rugby pretty rough and unsafe?

Huns Youth & High School Rugby has both contact and non-contact variations. Both are coached by experienced, certified coaches and the safety of the players is always the most important part of every part of practice and games.

Is rugby the right sport for my daughter or son?

Rugby is a great way to introduce children to team sports or challenge your athletic teen. As rugby is a free flow sport, like basketball or soccer, there are opportunities for all players to be involved in the action throughout the game.

My child is focused on another sport in the fall- how can rugby help?

Rugby focuses on both aerobic and anerobic fitness throughout practice and matches, improving the overall fitness of any athlete. By including split second decision making, rugby is a great sport to sharpen both the body and mind.

What do I need to play rugby?

You just need some cleats, a mouthpiece, water bottle, and a desire to have fun!

How can I get involved in Huns Youth & High School Rugby?

Email us at, check our Facebook page today!

"Learning a new sport can quickly become overwhelming but the Huns made sure that everyone was not only learning but having fun while they did it. They quickly learned so many new skills and were so excited to come home and practice them. After learning how to safely tackle and getting his first tackle, he was hooked. ...our favorite part though was the after practice socials that were held. This was a great time for the team to hang out off the field and just be themselves."

-Mallory, Huns Youth Parent